Barrels, Punk & Beer

by Break A Leg!

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released January 10, 2010

All songs by BAL
Recorded, produced & mixed by Michael O'Halloran @ Hollow Head Studios.
Bingie, South Coast NSW
November 2009



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Break A Leg! NSW, Australia

Established in 2007, Break A Leg are a five piece melodic surf/punk outfit with a humorous edge.
Inspired by the likes of Miles Away and Pro Team.
Their Performance style is energetic, ferocious and ultimately interactive.
Though aggressive, their songs are about seeking positivity out of negative situations.
No cliche's, no bullshit, just good times.
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Track Name: Break Out/ DT
Aww Shit.
Time and time again I’ve been FUCKED AROUND.
There’s no one who I can trust anymore.
My anger is running very fucking thin.
Ive had enough.
First target is you.
You know who you are.
Crowbar to your fucking face.
You’ll have to scream to make me stop.
Body on the street to rot.
Don’t think your getting away.
Because I’ve got you in my sight.
Don’t think your getting away.
Because these memories will never fade

Turn the page, and face the day
It's time to face your problems, you're
Starting to decay
And we've heard, it all before
The bullshit that you spread
Is too hard to ignore
So today is where it ends
It's got to End!
Look around, you're on your own
Nothing for you to do but to reap what you’ve sown
All you've done is crashed and burn
You've destroyed yourself by
Taking every wrong turn
I won't let you drag me down
All you ever seem
To do is complain
I’m sick of playing your little game
You're driving me up the wall I'm going insane
I'm just so sick of it all

Track Name: All In A Month
Did you think I could just stand here?
It had only been one short day.
It’s much easier to turn the blame
So you don’t feel guilt, cheat or shame

Now its time, to put you away
Behind me, and out of my way
Never forgotten, never missed
I just wish, it was not like this.
This fucking pain, isn’t leaving
You need to, stop the deceiving
Why can’t you see clearly?
Blurred perception on reality
All this deceit, is nothing new
No surprise now.
It’s all through.
I gave my all.
Just for you.

Times up now, this is it
I can’t take your shit anymore!
Looking forward, not far to go
My mind is almost free and ready for
Barrels, punk and beer!